Pricing & Ordering

JayFairTrollingFliesUnfortunately, due to rising costs, free shipping has been discontinued.

Current pricing is as follows:

Shipping Costs: Buyer to pay estimated actual shipping costs via USPS.

Jay Fair’s Flies

  • Translucent Flies: $2/each
  • Translucent Fly Material: $3/package
  • Jay Fair’s Premium Maribou in Jay Fair colors: $4.95/package (Inquire about our premium costume Maribou)
  • Daiichi Hooks Available

Jay Fair’s Trolling System

  • Trolling line – $54.95
  • Trolling DVD – $19.50
  • Trolling Flies, (2 flies per pack) – $5.95 per pack. Eleven colors to pick from.
  • 100% satisfaction warranty.

To place orders, ask questions, or get more details about our products please contact Glenn Fair:




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