About Jay Fair

Even though I have fly fished for eighty years now, I have never stopped searching for better materials and fish-fooling flies. In my pursuit of this goal, I must take back to the 1940’s.

In the 40’s, I was living in northern New Mexico and fishing the rivers and lakes there several times a week. If I needed fly materials I had to order them from the Herter’s catalog or I went out and bought range roosters. My body materials, furs, and feathers were only available in natural colors. I learned quickly that to get the look I needed that I’d have to learn to color my own hackle, feathers, and body material.

The first thing that I learned was that not any dye would work or hold up. I needed an acid-based dye to get the colors that I wanted. Then I worked on refining the mixture, heat, and time for the type of material I was dying. It was definitely a trial-and-error endeavor but by the mid-1950’s I had perfected some of my now famous colors; like the burnt orange, fiery rust, buggy olive, and fiery cinnamon.

As I said before, I never stopped my search for better materials so I could produce better fish-fooling flies. About three years ago, I procured a small amount of material from out of the country that looked intriguing. So, as I always do, I took it out in the sunlight for a closer look. It positively glowed! I only had enough material for one fly so I quickly tied it up.

I was enthralled! It was translucent just like most insects, bait fish, nymphs, and leeches. I put the fly on a toothpick and put it in a coffee pot filled with water. It swam and breathed at every twitch, pull, or fall! It was alive!!

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See what professional fly tyers are saying!

Here’s what Zach Thurman of The Fly Shop in Redding has to say about the material:

Fly Shop Rec

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